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When we start relationships there is excitement with the newness of it. Our brains release endorphins that give us feelings of happiness, excitement, arousal, and love. We get to know each other, sharing likes and interests. Learning new interests because our partner introduces us to new things. We discover foods we both enjoy, find our favorite restaurant together, enjoy music, movies, and activities together. Many times with these feelings come sexual experiences that we enjoy and want to continue to experience. Life is exciting and happy.

Many times this leads to people making commitments, moving in together, starting marriages, thinking about children, and planning futures. There is a lot to look forward to. At this point the relationship seems unbreakable.

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Life together has been going for a while. Soon things are not so exciting and wonderful anymore. He thinks she nags, she thinks he refuses to talk to her about important things. She thinks that he is controlling, he thinks that she is flirtatious. 

Soon they are arguing, sex is not as frequent or satisfying, and one or the other wonders if the relationship is worth it anymore. Communication is likely part of the problem. 

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It is possible to have full and rewarding marriages and partnerships. However, it takes work. The only happily ever after that there is, is the one that the couple works hard to create. 

At Renewed Hope Counseling, LLC we can help you learn what it takes to have a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship. 

It does take work, but the work is worth it.

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