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At Renewed Hope Counseling, LLC our client's safety and privacy is of the utmost importance. When doing remote therapy we use a platform that if specifically for therapy. It is completely HIPPA compliant.
The therapist will schedule the client and send the client an email that will have access to the HIPPA compliant platform. This will be new every time a session is scheduled. 
Once the session is over, the therapist will end the meeting for the client and the therapist. 


Remote therapy is for people who either cannot travel to a therapist's office, or are in a different location than the therapist. It can be just a successful as in person therapy, but it is important that the client is in a private location for their session.
Renewed Hope Counseling, LLC offers remote counseling. This can be on a normal basis, when weather is poor, or when the client is out of town but still wants therapy. 

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Remote counseling is in high demand right now. There are many apps. and websites that you can do this. Renewed Hope Counseling, LLC offers remote counseling to clients for convenience, distance, illness, weather, etc. 

If the client is within 50 miles of the Renewed Hope Counseling, LLC location, the client will be asked to do 1 in person session. It will be at that session that it will be decided if remote counseling is appropriate for that client. If the client is too far for an in session meeting, the therapist will discuss everything about remote counseling at that time. It will be at this first session that remote sessions will be decided on. 

If you are interested in remote counseling please click on the contact us tab and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

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